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Skincare CBD Benefits

In recent months, you've probably started to notice new CBD skin care products popping up left and right claiming CBD's best benefits; from supporting the skin's inflammatory function to helping control oil production. But you might be wondering, should CBD and skin care even be combined in the first place?

With all of the fake CBD oil on the market, it's important to not trust just any ol' CBD product. CBD and skin care make a great match, but it's making sure you've chosen the right CBD that will really get you the most bang for your buck. Keep reading for a closer look at CBD skincare benefits, more on why CBD and skincare compliment one another, and things to look for to avoid a fake cbd oil product.

What are the Benefits of CBD in Skin Care?

Rich in Antioxidants

CBD's antioxidant's work against free-radicals (the unstable atoms that cause damage to healthy cells, proteins, and DNA) to reduce the appearance of inflammatory based skin conditions and common issues like wrinkles. 

As CBD comes from a plant, it's no surprise that it's rich in antioxidant nutrients. A study by the National Institute of Mental Health showed that CBD was in fact, a more potent source of antioxidants than Vitamins C and E. 

Supports Healthy Inflammatory Function

CBD may play a role in supporting the proper inflammatory function of the skin. CBD has been shown to positively effect TRPV-1 and GPR55, both skin receptors related to inflammation and pain signaling. 

Regulation of Oil Production

In a 2014 study, CBD was deemed a "highly effective sebostatic agent". In simple terms, CBD was found to regulate the production of the skin's oil and termed a "promising therapeutic agent" by the Journal of Clinical Investigation

Supports Relief from Pain

Perhaps CBD's most thoroughly researched benefit is its ability to provide pain relief. Researchers surmise that CBD's effect on pain is related to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The receptors within the ECS help cells process and respond to outside stimuli. In acting as a secondary line of defense for our receptors, CBD helps to support healthy inflammatory function for greater response to pain signals.